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What Patients Say About the Osteoarthritis Program offered at the
Center for Specialty Care

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Pictured: Merlin Carlson (top left), Sandra Nuss (top right), Athletic Trainer Brant Boekelman (L)
with Jay Grabinoski (bottom left), and Family Nurse Practitioner Holly Kotewa (L) with
Phyllis Steinman (bottom right).

“This is my 5th week in the OsteoArthritis Program. My pain has decreased and I am able to do more of the things I enjoy doing. I climbed a ladder this weekend to clean the gutters on my house, something I have not done for quite awhile. The people have been really good to me and I hope to be dancing again soon.”                                                                                              – Merlin Carlson, Swea City

“I am so pleased. My knees are not perfect, but they are so much better than what they were. Most days I do not have any pain. If I am going out for a day I wear my brace and it helps. No one knows I am wearing it unless I tell them.

“I knew going into the program that it may or may not help and it may not last. For me it worked and I hope it lasts for a long time.

“I had excellent care. The shots were nothing and I typically do not like getting shots. My physical therapy experience was tremendous.

“I suggest others give it a try.”                                – Sandra Nuss, Fairmont, MN

“I sought treatment at the Center for Specialty Care for knee pain and swelling. They immediately got me into the (OsteoArthritis of America) program. After my therapy and treatment, I was able to return to normal activity without pain or swelling. I have been officiating high school football for two years since the treatment and continue to have no issues with my knee. The therapy program was very good and the people in that department were very helpful in my recovery. I continue to wear a knee brace for support during moderate to high levels of activities.
– Jay Grabinoski, Armstrong, IA

“I had been struggling with arthritis in my knees for a long time and had very limited mobility. Holly Kotewa recommended me for the OsteoArthritis Center of America program at the Center for Specialty Care. Since completing the program I am much more independent and can once again enjoy many of my favorite activities. I absolutely recommend this program.”

– Phyllis Steinman, Windom, MN




When Dale Smith came to the Center for Specialty Care he was concerned whether he would ever walk normal again. Then Dale had a Birmingham hip resurfacing implant followed three months later with a partial knee as an outpatient procedure. “When I came here I had to use a walker,” explained Dale. “The hip surgery went great, and I was walking on my own just 2 hours after my partial knee surgery.”


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