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Physical Therapy

We offer physical therapy by experienced and highly trained practitioners. We pride ourselves in getting patients back to daily activities experienced prior to surgery or injury. To schedule a physical therapy appointment, call (507) 238-4949, extension 170.

Our physical therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of conditions of the shoulder, spine, hip, knee, ankle and foot. They use manual techniques, ultrasound, heat and cold, electrical stimulation and specialized equipment to help improve strength and flexibility, decrease pain and swelling and promote healing to allow patients to return to their previous activity levels.

Our Physical Therapy staff includes Lynn Steinhaus, PT; Amanda Forstrom, PT; Cassidy Wolfe PT; Dan Bankson PT; Joe Angstman PTA;Tabetha Ernster, PTA; Amber Kloeckner, PTA, ATC; Brant Boekelman, ATC; Mark Milbrandt, ATC and Dana Junk ATC.. If you are experiencing chronic pain, have not recovered from an injury, or just have questions about therapy and fitness options, give us a call.

FAST TRAC Fast Return to Work

At Center for Specialty Care, we know injuries sometimes happen at the workplace. It is our philosophy to get injured workers feeling better fast. Working with employers, we develop a partial return to work program while we get the employee back to their maximum function in the workplace. The physical therapy staff works side-by-side with our physicians, assuring the most effective rehabilitation possible. Our specialists aggressively treat injuries and are quickly accessible at our Fairmont office.


At the Center for Specialty Care, we perform Functional Capacity Evaluations, work site evaluations, work hardening, ergonomic assessments, and job description development. We work closely with the team of physicians, case workers, plant managers, QRC’s and Human Resource staff to effectively treat and coordinate the plan of care for each injured worker. In addition, pre-employment evaluations are available to help determine if a potential work candidate is suitable to perform the physical requirements of their job. Pre-employment services include:

Physical Therapy staff, is trained to assist area businesses with Industrial Rehabilitation needs. We will design a structured and goal-oriented program to help people identify their work capacities, regain functional skills and return to work after an injury. We are capable of assisting workers at our Fairmont and Blue Earth facilities or on-site at their place of employment.


Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing

The ImPACT baseline test records normal brain activity prior to any trauma. This way if an injury occurs, we will know what area of the brain is affected, be able to treat a targeted area and see when the brain returns to its normal functions.

Center for Specialty Care offers ImPACT testing – a computerized exam that assists physicians in determining when return-to-play is safe for student athletes after a concussion. Before starting practice or competition, the athlete takes a non-invasive exam with a video game-like format that tracks memory, reaction time, speed and concentration. If a concussion is suspected, the athlete retakes the exam, and physicians at Center for Specialty Care use data from the two exams, along with a medical assessment, to evaluate the severity of the injury. ImPACT helps providers decide when an athlete is ready to return to full play, protecting them from the potentially serious consequences of returning too soon.

For more information or to schedule testing for your athlete, contact our Athletic Trainer Brant at (507) 238-4949, extension 170.

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