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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Vitality NP Family Health weight loss program is based on an individual approach and will offer you several options based on your personal needs.

The very first thing we will do is to help you understand your current situation and your true needs.

Weight loss is encouraged for people who are overweight or obese. We will perform a body composition analysis test to evaluate your needs.  In the medical world the most common measure to analyze health/unhealthy weight patterns is body mass index (BMI). People with BMI >27.5 are the candidate for medically assisted weight loss.   

Often obesity may be confused with localized unwanted fat deposits in people who are within their normal weight. Weight Loss Iv Therapy is unlikely to resolve this problem, because those deposits are usually the last place that the body will initiate lipolysis. People with this problem may be advised to use BODY CONTOURING treatments and provided with options of such therapy.

As for the true candidates, a personalized weight loss plan will be developed. The person will be a diet and physical activities plan. In addition to those necessary component, weight loss injection or infusions may be used. The patient may also be prescribed medication for appetite control, metabolism support supplements or peptides may be used as well.

The person may also be advised additional laboratory testing and optimization of other existing health problems if there is concern of a co-existing medical condition affecting healthy weight loss.

Our most popular weight loss support products are:

Lipotropic (MIC) injections and IV infusions

A Mix of several essential amino acids, and vitamins helps the liver breakdown fats, lowers cholesterol, relieves fatigue, control mood, appetite and excrete toxins; boosts energy and overall metabolic rate, assists in the burning of stored body fat. Also, helps sugars, starches, and other carbohydrates. Excellent choice for most of most of the people who actively involved in the weight loss program.

GOAL injections

GOAL is an amino acid blend which is commonly utilized for weight loss and endurance. It improves immunity, aids in cellular repair, healing, and intestinal health. Ornithine helps to manage fatigue by stabilizing energy levels and promoting better sleep in an absolutely clean and safe environment with It’s utilized to reduce fatigue and improve measures of athletic performance such as speed, strength, and power in some people. Preferable choice for people emphasized athletic part of weight loss plan.

We also use peptide and hormonal therapy to optimize weight loss.

Benefits Of Medical Weight Loss

Choosing medical weight loss over a fad diet means choosing a longer, healthier life vs increased frustration brought on by the short-term nature of a fad diet.

Fad diets tell you that you can lose weight quickly. This may be true if you are eating poorly and switch rapidly to a balanced diet or hypocaloric approach. But you will hit a wall and you will rebound. By contrast, our medical professionals will tell you that you can lose weight quickly by temporarily restricting certain foods and maintaining a normal protein load and do so safely. While you do not have to exercise to lose weight on our program, we encourage it only for cardiovascular and muscle toning.

Who Needs Medical Weight Loss?

Anyone who is overweight or obese, along with patients who may have medical conditions ranging from mild to serious all can benefit from medical weight loss. Even patients who have experienced failure after extreme weight loss surgery are excellent candidates for medical weight loss programs.

Patients with diabetes and related blood sugar issues also need medically supervised weight loss protocols. Those with cholesterol problems and high blood pressure also benefit from our medical weight loss program.

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