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ENT – Otolaryngologist Specialist

Endoscopic sinus surgery is offered by Dr. Espelund at the Center for Specialty Care. Click on the videos to learn more about how it clears the sinus region.

OtolaryngologistsEar, nose, and throat ailments are some of the most common issues effecting children, teenagers, and adults.

Otolaryngologists, or as they are more frequently called – ENTs, treat conditions specific to the ear, nose, throat, and related anatomy.

Dr. Joshua Espelund, an ENT specialist, sees patients at the Center for Specialty Care clinin in Fairmont, as well as performs surgeries at our same-day surgery center – South Central Surgical Center. Procedures performed include putting in ear tubes, removing tonsils and balloon sinuplasty.

To see Dr. Espelund at the Center for Specialty Care in Fairmont, please call 1.800.262.8125 and make an appointment.

After graduating from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, with a biology degree, Dr. Espelund attended medical school and completed his residency at University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. He has a special interest in endoscopic sinus surgery.

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